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CASE STUDY | 1 to 1 emotional and wellbeing support

Wednesday, 31 August, 2022

CASE STUDY | 1 to 1 emotional and wellbeing support

This 11 year old young person needed support with their emotions and wellbeing. They had a big change from living with one parent to now living with the other parent and were struggling with outbursts towards the parent they now live with.

The Intervention

Positive Futures provided 1-1 support which started with creating some goals to reach by the end of the sessions. The goals that were created were to find some coping strategies to help with emotions and feelings. Another goal that was created was to help their relationship with the parent they now live with improve.

121 sessions took place during school hours. Through the course of the sessions, we focused on different areas to help create coping strategies for emotions and anger. We worked on an emotions and feelings diary where the young person would write in when they were feeling a certain way to be able to express how they were feeling instead of showing it. We also completed a lot of work around relationships and listening to be able to keep good relationships.

The Impact

As a result of 121 sessions, the young person was staying out of trouble in school, her parent they live with has seen a massive difference in their attitude at home towards parent and siblings, and they have begun to help around the house. They help with younger siblings and their relationship with their parent has begun to become more positive.

This young person also became involved within open access groups at Positive Futures where they have made lots of new friends and enjoyed having their own time away from home.

The Feedback

“XX has not stopped going on how great it was! Their behaviour has been fantastic since they got home too!

“Mum has mentioned how much their child seemed to get out of coming to your service and how she noticed a positive change in her”

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