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A Summer of fun for Positive Futures!

Friday, 17 September, 2021

A Summer of fun for Positive Futures!

During the 6 week Summer holidays, we delivered a vast and varied Summer Programme of activities, trips, and educational visits. Take a look!

Summer Transition Programme

During the first 2 weeks of the holidays, alongside our Summer Programme, our Youth Development Team worked full-time in Notre Dame School. They worked alongside the school to deliver their Summer Transition Programme.

They worked with 63 young people to support their September transition.

We were delighted with the feedback we received, with one teacher commenting….

“We could not have done this without you”

Another said:

‘What are we going to do without you in September?”

6 walks in 6 weeks

Yes, we took to the great outdoors and reconnected with nature by exploring some of the great walks within a short drive of our head office. We went to;

Trips galore!

Never ones to stand-still and do the same thing week in, week out, we also planned a series of trips with our young people! They got to explore activities right on their doorstep as well as some slightly further afield! We took:

  • 13 young people to Go Karting 
  • 28 young people to New Brighton 
  • 13 young people to Go Below 
  • 25 young people went bowling 
  • 41 young people Welsh Mountain Zoo 
  • 24 young people to Arcains 
  • 28 young people the cinema to see Croods 2 
  • 13 young people to water world 
  • 44 young people to Flip Out 
  • 21 EFC VS Southhampton 25 young people to see the play Bouncers

“I hope you all have had an amazing summer because I have, thank you for looking after me.”

-Young Person

Picnics in the Park

Every Monday, we headed to a local park for some fresh air, food and fun! And you won’t believe what we got through in terms of food and drink during the course of the holidays….

  • 150 sandwiches​
  • 300 sausage rolls​
  • 75 pork pies​
  • 1050 pieces of fruit​
  • 300 snacks
  • 450 bottles of water​

Our young people participated in Rounders, Football, Young people led games, parachute games and other staff-led games. They really were a lot of fun and it was nice just to get back to basics for a few hours each week!

“Thank you for making my children feel so welcome and giving them an amazing summer holidays, they have loved every minute. Thank you again.”

– Parent

Please Sir, can I have some more! Yes you can!

As with every school holiday, our kitchen was kept busy with hot and cold food being prepared throughout the holidays, to keep our young people well-fed! But when you add it all up, even we were suprised but just what we got through…

Thank you so much to you and the Positive Futures Team. The girls have had a truly amazing summer. The activities have been so much fun and after a very challenging time this year they have made lovely, new friendships. You do an amazing job thanks again.


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