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CASE STUDY | ADHD Foundation partnership success

Tuesday, 17 January, 2023

CASE STUDY | ADHD Foundation partnership success

Young people enrolled onto a project ran by Positive Futures in partnership with the ADHD Foundation.

The individuals involved in the programme had an array of different areas requiring development, with much of the group displaying neurodevelopmental needs. The overall aim was to improve everyone understand of themselves and to progress through a qualification/work programme that gave them the knowledge and skills to progress or reengage in education, training, or employment.

The Intervention

During this quarter young people involved in the programme received support in various ways to reach progress towards or reach the goals set by themselves. Seven participants received support during school hours whilst on study leave during exam periods, these young people completed the programme in a classroom environment. The further seven young people involved in the programme received support in the form of group-based sessions, 1-2-1 support and within a Total Commitment Training session hosted by PDP.

ADHD Foundation programme 2

The Impact

7 out of 9 of young people involved in solely the classroom-based sessions have a clear destination now post year 11.

1 young person has secured an apprenticeship with the NHS as a care assistant.

100% of young people said they felt safe and supported during sessions.

80% of young people reported improved confidence and self-esteem.

The programme has extended employment and education opportunities, tackled barriers to employment and training and improved the skills and understand of the young people involved.


The Feedback

“The program has given me the confidence to get back into employment and begin to look for jobs again”

“I now understand myself better and as a result I know what I am good at and my areas of development”

“I got it!!!” (young person in relation to the NHS apprenticeship)

ADHD Foundation programme

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