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CASE STUDY | Confidence building

Thursday, 16 March, 2023

CASE STUDY | Confidence building

Young person was referred to build their confidence and have an opportunity to get involved in a provision that allowed them to be involved in age appropriate activities, as YP had a lot of responsibility at home due to their parent having their own emotional issues.

The Intervention

The goal was to improve wellbeing and confidence and engage in positive activities.

YP took part in 17 121 sessions, YP worked on feeling and emotions, this was explored through creating a feeling Jar, feelings dice, feeling volcano, feeling monster, fill my heart with happy exercise and exploration of the emotion wheel.

YP took part in confidence and self esteem sessions through creating a confidence mask, creating own medal to identify their own achievements, positive thinking wall and played a social skills board game.

YP completed an exercise where I want to visit in the world to help raise their aspirations for the future and created a dream catcher to allow YP to explore their dreams for the future.

YP visited Positive Futures to help encourage them to take part in activities. This led to YP attended half term activities.


The outcomes were:

Young person was able to establish a positive relationship with a worker, this enabled them to be able to express how they were feeling and shared their worries in a safe environment. YP eating habits improved due to anxiety being decreased. Young person was able to experience a youth setting and take part in activities they enjoyed. Young peoples confidence grew and was noticed in and outside school.

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