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CASE STUDY | Dealing with bullying and conflict

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

CASE STUDY | Dealing with bullying and conflict

YP was referred to Positive Futures due to conflict with peer group and the risks surrounding this, how to deal with conflict and being bullied

The Intervention

We agreed to work on a few topics:

1) ADHD psychoeducation (understanding and managing ADHD)
2) Constructive social enrichment
3) Emotional regulation strategies

The goal we expressed to work on was “to control my behavior so I don’t escalate situations.”
YP educated in his ADHD medication. Towards the end of the intervention YP was reporting daily usage of his prescribed medication but cessation was present at the start of the intervention.
YP responded very well to the opportunities for constructive and social enrichment to increase attendance at weekly support groups.
Work carried out around emotions and how they are linked to thoughts and behavior. CBT showed YP how to moderate his thoughts in order to allow for helpful behaviors as well as distraction techniques.
YP was also supported indirectly by our Family Support Worker who has been helping his mum to manage the prevalence of risk within the family.


• YP started cooking and using Meccano and reading reference books instead of engaging in arguments with his family. He agreed to stay off social media (but found it hard to keep to this), he agreed to practice meditation daily using the Head Space app. He runs away from potential trouble in the community rather than fighting.
• YP has developed a sense and safety and belonging at Positive Futures. He continues to attend weekly and is learning to play Trading Card Games with good role models. When here YP says “it’s good here, its calm”.
• Reversed cessation of ADHD medication.
• YP reported meaning progress towards his goal. He rated this as 7/10 compared to 0/10 at the start of the intervention.
• He showed no significant improvement from his baseline score on the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire.

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