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CASE STUDY | Antisocial and inappropriate behaviour towards females

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

CASE STUDY | Antisocial and inappropriate behaviour towards females

YP was referred to us at Positive Futures due to antisocial behaviour, inappropriate behaviour at school and negative attitude towards females.

The Intervention

Our goal was to help raise awareness with YP of the consequences regarding antisocial behaviour and behaviour at school, to raise awareness of the implications criminal records could create for future career prospects. Our aim was to help YP become aware of the risks/consequences and laws of knife crime and gang violence. To achieve these goals/aims, we did a 6-week targeted support programme with YP covering areas such as ASB, spotting the signs and risks/dangers of criminal exploitation, positive relationships, and offensive behaviour. YP also participated in positive activities such as rock climbing and Go Karting, both of which he had never tried before but enjoyed.


• YP became aware of the consequences of his actions,
• YP agreed that his attitude towards the opposite sex was inappropriate and improved this.
• YP understood that ASB is dangerous and harmful and would have a negative impact on his career prospects therefore avoided participating when he spotted the signs ASB was going to take place, choosing instead to walk away.
• The support helped YP realise the difference between loyal friends and disloyal peers who will seek to influence him negatively.
• The intervention helped YP become aware of how his actions right now can affect the rest of his life, how he is in control of what path he will take, not his peers.
• YP is more knowledgeable on knife crime and the significant dangers surrounding knife violence.
• Following the successful completion of support, YP had commented “you have helped me so much, even my grandad knows that”. YP is a bright young man who is extremely self-aware. He is strong willed, determined to do well and recognizes the errors of his previous behaviour

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