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CASE STUDY | Drugs, ASB and crime prevention

Thursday, 16 March, 2023

CASE STUDY | Drugs, ASB and crime prevention

To reduce ASB in the local area as YP appears to be the instigator for most of the ASB in the area. Prevent YP from committing future and more serious crime.

The Intervention

The goals agreed were:


YP distanced themselves from negative peers, stopped frequenting areas they knew were prominent for ASB, knife crime and gang violence. YP felt the intervention helped and that Positive Futures were:

“better than any other service that has tried to help before. I feel that you understand me, you’re not here to tell me I am in trouble or make me feel rubbish, you actually help me understand what is right and wrong.”

Prior to ending the intervention, I ensured YP was ready to close and they had contact details of support services (including out of hours and crisis) they could reach out to should they need to. I also reminded them they could come back to Positive Futures should they need further support. YP was provided with information packs on what we had explored throughout our sessions – such as the effects and legal impacts of drugs, the consequences, and dangers of knife crime, ASB and CCE.


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