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CASE STUDY | Gaining confidence and distancing from negative friendships

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

CASE STUDY | Gaining confidence and distancing from negative friendships

To build confidence, gain independence and distance himself from negative friendships

The Intervention

Independence – first started with participating in activities with targeted support worker during 1:1s, such as cooking, going on short train journeys and walks around the L4 area. YP would then end the session and walk home by himself when he felt comfortable enough to do so. Eventually YP felt confident to attend activities outside of Positive Futures (GoKarting) without the assistance of anybody else.
Confidence – We looked at self-reflection; what YP likes/dislikes about himself and why. We explored the importance of self-acceptance and how to manage hurtful things people may say or do to us. We participated in emotion centered board games, which at first YP felt a little uncomfortable though after a while could discuss his emotions confidently.
ASB – We explored the dangers involved in criminal behaviour and the consequences, how he could keep himself safe and how to avoid participating in antisocial activities.
Anxiety – YP agreed to try some of the strategies we came across in his sessions to help with his anxieties, such as breathing techniques, writing down his thoughts and a plan of action for when he can feel himself start to feel anxious. We also explored healthier sleeping habits which could help with his anxiety.


• YP had become much more confident and independent, displaying less anxiety when attending sessions.
• YP had achieved his goal of not participating in ASB by removing negative friends from his friendship circle and distancing himself from negative influences, has focused on what makes him happy and enjoys his independence.
• PF helped YP decide what he would like to do for education as he came to us not attending school – with our support with helping him construct his CV and advice, YP is now attending an apprenticeship with McDonalds, where he is gaining experience and completing his key qualifications.
• With our support and guidance, we were able to help YP request his GP refer him to CAMHS to support him with his mental health. GP successfully referred YP and he is now receiving support from CAMHS.
• Due to YP successfully hitting targets, engaging with targeted services and no further incidents with the police, he was taken off a CPP and put onto a CIN. This was a huge improvement for YP who was proud of himself for making positive changes.
YP had improved with his confidence and independence greatly, commenting that he enjoys “being able to spend time on my own, which was difficult to do before I came to Positive Futures”.
• YP felt he was less anxious and worried less about what others think about him as he was happy with who he was and comfortable with his self-image. At the start of intervention, YP was very self-conscious and would constantly have his face hidden by his hood, but by the end of support YP would attend sessions with his hood down and a smile on his face, his confidence evident. He would interact with other members of staff with ease and was comfortable expressing his own opinion.
• YP stated that he feels healthier both mentally and physically after attending 1:1s with Positive Futures as he feels he was listened to, respected and given positive advice – which he followed (such as lifestyle changes – improved eating/sleeping habits).

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