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CASE STUDY | Overcoming difficulties at home and building confidence

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

CASE STUDY | Overcoming difficulties at home and building confidence

To support YP with her difficulties at home, regarding negative behaviours displayed from twin brother.
To help YP build confidence, self-esteem, the courage to stand up for herself when being confronted by others and put in place strategies to de-escalate hostile situations.

The Intervention

YP engaged in 12 1-2-1 sessions which involved:-
• arts and crafts,
• social skills/emotions board games,
• self-esteem and confidence activity worksheets
• participated in group activities such as cooking, cinema trip and activity days at the Positive Futures Youth Centre.


• YP had improved greatly with her self-esteem, going from not wanting to make decisions to offering her opinion on various topics and not being afraid to disagree with others.
• YP had a more positive perception of herself and her abilities at the end of support, feeling capable of managing situations that make her feel anxious or that she may find uncomfortable.
• At the start of support sessions YP was very quiet, reserved and afraid to voice her opinions. By the end of the 1-2-1 sessions, YP was confident when attending Positive Futures, at school and in unfamiliar social settings.
• YP had learned strategies to help her feel confident in voicing her opinions and blocking out negative thoughts,
• YP had improved with her self-esteem by becoming aware of what she is capable of.
• YP stated that the 1-2-1s have “helped me believe in myself and that I am able to do a lot more than I thought I could. To not be afraid to speak my mind”.
• YP also had positive interactions with her peers when participating in group activities, which boosted her confidence.

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