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Positive Futures Liverpool supports young person via targeted support service

Monday, 7 October, 2019

Positive Futures Liverpool supports young person via targeted support service

“I feel much happier and I am proud of myself” – Young
person says of targeted support services

A 13 year old boy referred to as KH was referred to our targeted support services by CAMHS after struggling to engage with CAMHS as a result of his anxiety. He was struggling with depression, anxiety and neurodiversity.

He first underwent a strengths and difficulties questionnaire with his youth worker, they also used the revised child’s anxiety and depression scale (RCADS) which showed that KH had anxiety and depression above the clinical threshold.

It was then determined that cognitive behavioural therapy would be the best way to help KH and allow him to address and work through his emotions and feelings. With his youth workers support KH set a target “to complete a 4 week period without using aggressive behavior which will make the situation worse for me.”.

In addition to his targeted one on one support the young person engaged with some of our weekly open access sessions, initially only attending for one hour a week he soon became a regular attendee of our full 3 hour sessions. After 6 months he completed his one to one sessions and commented  “I feel much happier and I am proud of myself.”

He rated his mood as 10/10 and goal progress as 8/10. He added that he’s made new friends through the open access group and manages his behavior in school far better. His second RACAD found him below the clinical threshold for depression and anxiety.

KH is one of 83 young people who accessed one to one targeted support in 2018-19 providing 610 hours of one to one support over the year. Read more about our impact during 18/19 in our Annual Report.

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