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CASE STUDY | Young Person Finds his Confidence

Friday, 29 October, 2021

CASE STUDY | Young Person Finds his Confidence

Fred, aged 11 years, was referred to our Positive Futures Team for support as he was struggling with anxiety due to his isolated home situation due to his mum’s complex medical needs. With the help of staff, Fred identified his need to have the opportunity to connect with others in his local community and access to 1-1 support so that he can safely express his feelings and emotions without judgement or fear of unpredictable responses.

The Intervention

Fred was able to access support from both our Targeted Support team as well as our open access sessions. This was, at times, a struggle due to restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When group sessions were unable to take place, Fred took part in socially distanced walks around his local area to keep him physically active and give him opportunities to socialise with staff members and other members of his community.

The Impact

Fred continues to access group activities since 1-1 support has come to an end. A worker is in regular contact with the Parent and Grandmother about mums’ health problems/needs if he needs further support due to specific incidents.

It has been noticeable to staff and other young people that Fred’s confidence has grown since his first session. He now socialises with lots of other members during open access sessions and is comfortable talking to other staff and members of the public.

Due to his increased confidence and improved social skills, Fred has also formed a friendship group with peers from his local area with who he regularly spends time outside of the family home.

The Feedback

Mum/Gran have reported he seems a lot happier in himself and has started to speak to them more about his feelings and when he is upset about something at home and/or school. In the past, he would try to hide this or go to his room and not talk for hours as he did not want to upset his mother in fear that he was making her condition worse.

“Fred will be made up, he loves going there and said he’s got boss mates there. Your place is the best thing ever, thank you with all my heart, he seems so much more confident since he’s been going” – Quote from Fred’s Mother

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