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CASE STUDY | Young Person’s Self-Esteem Soars

Friday, 29 October, 2021

CASE STUDY | Young Person’s Self-Esteem Soars

Lisa, aged 11 years, was referred to our Positive Futures Team for support as she was having problems in school due to negative friendships resulting in a lack of confidence. Lisa also struggled with communication and expressing what she was feeling with others. With the help of staff, Lisa set the goal of working on support around healthy relationships, boosting her self-esteem and communication skills.

The Intervention

Lisa was able to access support from our Targeted Support team, and sessions were focused on art activities in particular as this was something that Lisa is particularly talented in. This support also included group activities to help enhance confidence in making friends and included the use of self-image worksheets.

The Impact

Lisa achieved her goal of becoming more confident, and her ability to communicate with others improved. When support started, the goal was achieved at a score of 6/10, though upon closing the case, Lisa achieved 10/10. Her confidence had improved via making friends at her new school and becoming more independent. Lisa has higher self-esteem and a healthy perspective of her self-image. Lisa shared that she feels she is confident going forward in her new secondary school and feels settled in her home life. Though she may still be a little apprehensive trying new things, she shows enthusiasm to participate in whatever task is at hand

The Feedback

The support provided increased confidence for Lisa and an improvement in self-esteem, independence, and communication. Lisa had stated that she feels she would not have been able to make new friends if she did not have the Positive Futures Targeted Support sessions each week, and expressed how the support has helped her become more confident in herself. 

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