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CASE STUDY | Antisocial behaviour and sexual exploitation

Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

CASE STUDY | Antisocial behaviour and sexual exploitation

To help YP become aware of the risks and consequences of antisocial behaviour and sexual exploitation.

The Intervention

Build awareness on the risks and consequences of ASB/criminal behaviour and CE. Awareness of appropriate/inappropriate relationships, risks of CSE

1:1 targeted support sessions were carried out which looked at building awareness on:
• ASB – During the first 3 sessions we looked at the risks involved with antisocial behaviour and the consequences. We explored the dangers attached to antisocial behaviour and the possibility of this leading to criminal exploitation.
• CSE – We explored the risks involved with negative relationships, the possibility of exploitation when intimately involved with an older individual and emotional manipulation. We worked on building resilience to negative factors in relationships and recognition of exploitative behaviour.


• YP felt confident that he could recognise the signs of abusive/exploitative behaviour in a relationship and felt he was more aware of the dangers/risks of antisocial behaviour.
• During the intervention, YP became less involved with antisocial behaviour and had less involvement with the police in the community.
• He was focused on his schoolwork and was planning for his future.
• YP stated he felt Positive Futures had really helped him settle down, had felt we understood him and that we listened to his difficulties. YP also mentioned that “I feel like you don’t treat me like I am stupid, you actually talk to me and listen to me like I matter and that doesn’t happen often. I thought I would really dislike these intervention sessions but they’re actually educational”.
• YP is a very bright young man; he is respectful to everybody he meets and has come through a tough time at the other end. He is making a difference for himself, is extremely considerate of his mum and family and has taken a positive turn since starting intervention.

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